From Boskoop

For centuries, the Boskoop region has been a place where trees and shrubs are grown, and is renowned worldwide for this. In this garden at Floriade, you walk through long narrow plots full of greenery that are separated by water: the typical landscape of the Boskoop tree nursery area.


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Experience Boskoop

Walk the shaded path and enjoy the cool shade of the trees, discover the ‘mother plant’ from which countless new cuttings are grown and become acquainted with the innovative projects concerning water consumption, sustainability and cultivation techniques.


Enjoy a stroll

Come and enjoy a stroll through a miniature of the Boskoop tree nursery area with its trees and plants.

Take beautiful pictures

Take advantage of the many photo opportunities at the pavilion and relax in the colourful garden.

Find inspiration

Learn everything you want to know about the plants and trees used in the pavilion by using the QR codes.

Green is life, tree growers take care of it!


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