Groen Collectief Nederland

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  • Greening the City

How can you make a grey city green? Experience here what green can do in an urban environment! Here you will discover practical solutions and see what is possible in small parts of the city.


Sustainable and reusable materials, green roofs and walls, permeable pavement: here you can see what green and smart solutions there are to make the city more liveable, sustainable and beautiful. There is plenty of inspiration to be found when strolling through this innovative pavilion and colourful garden.

Green in the city

How can you turn a piece of town into a green oasis? Get inspired with smart and practical solutions here.

A colourful flower meadow

With a colourful selection of flowers and an insect wall, here you will discover that a garden does not have to be big to attract insects.

Practice what you preach

Green roofs, flowering walls and circular materials, you'll find it all here! See what is possible in terms of sustainability, circularity and innovation!

Practice what you preach


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