Lageschaar Vaste Planten

Looking for inspiration for a park or for your own (city) garden? Then have a look at Lageschaar Vasteplanten! This ‘planting meadow’ consists of a beautiful combination of native and wild plants and regular species. Discover here how you can create a long-lasting garden full of biodiversity.


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The best of both worlds

Healthy ecosystems for insects, bees, butterflies, birds and other animals are important to keep cities livable. At the pavilion of Lageschaar Vasteplanten you will discover what such an ecosystem looks like and what people and animals need. The best of both worlds is united in this garden: a combination of all kinds of plants, wildlife and native vegetation to increase biodiversity in a natural and colourful garden that remains beautiful all year round.

Get inspired

Who doesn't like a beautiful green setting? Walk through the garden and take in all that beauty.

For both humans and animals

In the city, there is a great need for greenery that is good for insects, bees, butterflies, birds and other animals. Find out what that could look like here!

Greenery at home

Create your own urban nature and find the balance in your own garden.

Theme: Wild At Heart


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