LTO cultuurgroep Zomerbloemen

LTO culture group summer flowers


Walk through a beautiful picking garden, landscaped in the shape of two large flowers. Come visit and enjoy all the scents and colours!


✔ Garden        ✔ Greening The City

Summer feeling

The picking garden is filled with summer flowers from bulbous plants/perennials/shrubs/ ornamental grasses and seedlings. Flowers make us happy, calm us or energise us: all those scents and colours touch us in different ways. Enjoy this picking garden, and take that feeling home with you. Every week, a beautiful bouquet of flowers for a vase can be picked here, so that you can bring the beauty of the outside world inside.

Flowers for the bees

The flowers are not only beautiful to look at, but also delicious, according to Floriade's tiniest visitors. Enjoy the many butterflies, bees and other insects that take nectar from the flowers.

Bring the beauty of outside into your home

Feeling inspired? All the flowers you see here are available at florists. Bring the beauty of outside indoors by buying a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

From above

Have you spotted the garden from above? Looking down from the cable car, you can see that the design of the garden depicts two large flowers.


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