The Green House

The unique greenhouse complex – The Green House – is the place where Dutch greenhouse horticulture presents itself. Discover innovative and sustainable exhibits of circular greenhouse horticulture in this unique greenhouse complex. The hypermodern greenhouse is 1 hectare in size and 170 metres long.


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A Greenhouse full of innovation

In The Green House, you will take a journey through greenhouse horticulture: from seed or cutting to fruit and vegetables on your plate or to beautiful flowers and plants. The latest innovations and developments in the field of, among other things, circular agriculture, climate adaptation, biodiversity and food supply can also be seen here. In the High Tech Greenhouse the professional cultivation strawberries, peppers, gerberas and potanthuriums will show you what innovative and sustainable cultivation looks like. But that is not all you can see, smell and taste here.

Product competitions are also held in The Green House. During these competitions, the best and most beautiful ornamental plant products, vegetables and fruit will be selected from growers and producers who have entered the competition.

Future cultivation methods

In the Technical Innovation Centre, you will get an insight into future cultivation methods with a robotised vertical farm, drones and other types of robots.

365 dagen bloemstuk

Explore the Experience Greenhouse

Come and be amazed at the beauty and variety of countless flowers, plates, vegetables and fruit in the 5000 m2 Experience Greenhouse.

Taste it for yourself

Of course the experience wouldn't be complete without tasting that delicious produce! In the Green House restaurant mainly vegetarian dishes are served for your enjoyment.

The Green House Experience

Take workshops, come and cook with our chef, share your opinion about the products or get green inspiration for your home office. Enjoy and experience with all your senses.

The Green House -Grow Complex

The High Tech Greenhouse

The Green House demonstrates the innovative power of the Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector. Here, strawberries, gerberas, potanthuriums and peppers are grown within a sustainable circular system.

Innovation centre

Robots, drones, sensors, the latest techniques are used in the greenhouse. In The Green House, you will discover how these ultramodern techniques ensure that flowers, plants, vegetables and fruit are grown even more sustainably.

Roots Restaurant

While enjoying a delicious green meal or a healthy smoothie, you can take the time to relax your senses in the ROOTS Restaurant.

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Take a journey through greenhouse horticulture


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