Treeport Zundert

The Zundert region is not only the birthplace of one of Holland’s most famous painters, Vincent van Gogh, but also of many trees. This region is home to countless tree nurseries. At Treeport Zundert, discover which creative ideas these tree growers have for sustainable housing and see how all this comes together in one place.

Fertile ground for creativity

The theme of Treeport Zundert is ‘the soil as a solution’. You will discover a special tube construction here, which you would normally only find underground. This innovative technique stores heat in the soil. This is now combined aboveground with beautiful trees and installations inspired by Van Gogh’s most famous works. In this way, TreePort Zundert brings together innovation and sustainability with cultural heritage and creativity. Take a look at this pavilion at the Expo and discover it all!

Innovative heat storage

Discover new techniques in the field of heat storage in an underground buffer. It's efficient, affordable and very sustainable!

Modern techniques

Water saving is an important topic for green cities. At this pavilion, get to know a modern water system with surprising elements.

Cultural heritage

Treeport Zundert honours the heritage of the artist Vincent van Gogh, who was born in Zundert, with innovative projects involving tree nurseries. What does that look like exactly? You can see it all at this pavilion.

Theme: The soil as a solution


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