Tuinbranche Nederland

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Find out how to become a Climate buddy and what you can do in your own garden to contribute to a healthy environment.

Een green experience

Take a seat on the large bench where you can enjoy the view of the garden, the water, bird houses, rain barrels and much more! In the garden you will find vegetables, fruit and perennials. For children, there is a fun and educational scavenger hunt where they can learn different things like what butterflies need in a garden.

The critters in your garden

Learn everything about what butterflies need in your garden, whether it is better for the birds to collect water or let it flow away and what greenery can do in your garden! A beautiful garden for you and the animals.

Tuin Branche Nederland

Will you also become a Climate buddy?

The cheerful figure that can be seen from the cable car gives you a warm welcome. Discover here how we can work together on the great task of keeping the Netherlands green and livable.

Edible garden

You can grow your own food in your garden, on the roof, on the fa├žade or on your balcony. It's great fun to do and super tasty too. Also good for the animals that visit your garden!

Meet the climate buddy at Floriade and learn what you can do!


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