Van den Berk Boomkwekerijen

‘Van den Berk Boomkwekerijen’ is Dutch for Van den Berk Nurseries


What can we do about global warming and rising sea levels? You will discover it at Van den Berk Nurseries. Here you will find out how we can keep our cities as liveable and cool as possible and thus help to solve the global climate problems.


✔ Garden      ✔ Greening The City

Trees as a solution

Trees are central to Van den Berk Nurseries as a green solution. For example, planting trees in urban areas ensures that not all rainwater ends up in the sewers and flows straight back into the sea. The trees retain water in the soil. Trees also provide shade so that buildings and roads store and radiate less heat, and through evaporation they make the air cooler. This lowers the temperature in the city. In this way, trees not only make cities cooler and more liveable on a local level, but they also ensure that temperature rises are slowed down in overall terms. The more trees, the better the living environment!


No greenery without water

Learn more about the relationship between trees and water. Because without water, there is no vegetation.

Thinking about greenery

Van den Berk's pavilion features objects that will make you think. Come and reflect for a moment?

Tree artwork

The Dobberrend Forest that can be admired at the Expo has a connection with the Van den Berk pavilion. Be inspired by this work of tree art on the water and reflect on the rise of the sea level.

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Working on the trees for the future!


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