World Food Pavilion

  • Feeding the City         

Embark on a journey of discovery through the fascinating world behind our food in the World Food Pavilion. Here you will be shown innovative solutions that help to keep our world habitable. Go on an interactive, educational and above all fun adventure!


Sneak preview

In 2023, the World Food Center will open in the Dutch town of Ede: a special themed attraction centred around food. A healthier, more sustainable and more equitable food system is something that everyone can contribute to. Experience a unique sneak preview of this at Floriade Expo 2022! In the World Food Pavilion, young and old alike will be introduced to the issues surrounding the production and consumption of food. Not only is this educational, it is also great fun.


Nutritious food

Food gives you energy to learn, work, exercise and live. But what is actually on your plate? Come and discover it in the World Food Pavilion.

The world behind our food

Be amazed by new insights and surprising experiences and learn about making healthy and responsible food choices in a playful way.

Adventure for all ages

Discover food innovations through fun activities, workshops and a 360-degree film experience.

Experience the future of our food!


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