Pop A Smile

Let’s pop a smile! Pop a Smile is a family business founded by the two sisters Yuandi and Charissa de Herdt. Together they make fresh stroopwafels and popcorn in various flavours, such as the ‘stroopwafel popcorn’ known in Almere. A stroopwafel is traditional Dutch cookie, which consits of a thin, round waffle cookie made from two layers of sweet baked dough held together by caramel filling. Come and enjoy it too!

We don’t just pop corn, we pop a smile!

Pop a Smile originated from cosy family evenings. On these family evenings, the sisters always made their own popcorn in different flavours. Since 2019 Pop a Smile has a cosy popcorn truck to share these moments with you, your friends and family together. This truck is now also at Floriade, so come visit and taste it for yourself!


Besides popcorn, you can now also try Pop a Smile's artisanal stroopwafels and scoop ice cream.

Special Corn

Ever heard of Cheddar cheese popcorn or salted caramel? Try the surprising flavours yourself!

In the family

For the Salted Caramel flavour, they use an old family recipe.


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