Roti Mahal

Roti Mahal specialises in fusion street food, incorporating influences from South Asia, South America and the Middle East. Enjoy delicious roti dishes, baras, fried rice, noodles and Surinamese sandwiches.


✔  Sandwiches

✔  Various exotic beverages

Are you ready for a sensational flavours?

Roti Mahal serves authentic Surinamese, Hindustani, Indian and Javanese dishes. Experience the unique sensation of the fresh Roti roll or Bara filled with delicious Hindustani curry and enjoy various exotic drinks, such as Javanese dawet, Surinamese ginger beer, or juices made from lime, passion fruit and soursop. Roti Mahal is also the place to be for Surinamese sandwiches and Javanese fried rice! Come and be surprised and seduced by the delicious scents and flavours.

The roti specialist with fresh dishes made with passion


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