How do you build a city with nature as your equal partner? You can see it here. With the pavilion ‘The Voice of Urban Nature’, Almere and Amsterdam show how they, together with their residents, are building the green city of the future and how they want to give nature a voice.


✔ Garden       ✔ Exposition       ✔ Innovation

One narrative

Pavilion, garden and exhibition are inseparably connected within this pavilion. They merge into one story to be experienced with all your senses. The need for a different relationship with nature in the (green) city of the future is central to this pavilion.

The Voice of Urban Nature

Dive into the theme and learn more about building cities in interaction with nature.

WeMakethe.City Green

This joint programme prior to the Expo inspires people to participate in the green ambitions of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and Floriade Expo 2022.

Biobased pavilion

Discover how homes can be built with local bio-based materials.

Building the green city of the future together


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