Art Pavilion Flevoland

The design Art Pavilion Flevoland created by Studio Ossidiana will showcase a fusion of architecture, art and nature at the art pavilion of Flevoland during the Expo. It will offer a stimulating experience both inside and out, and will serve as an annex and testing ground for a new art museum for at least five years.


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The ultimate fusion of architecture, art and nature

The museum will focus on large multimedia art. An art form that has been underexposed until now. The indoor programming will be combined with outdoor programming, with the landscape art that is already present in Flevoland.

Appeal to all senses

The entire pavilion appeals to all the senses and effectively represents Flevoland's extensive collection of Land Art.


Studio Ossidiana was inspired by the sea that replaced the province of Flevoland and the Weerwater Lake, where the pavilion is to be located. The design consists of three circles: The Harbour, The Stage and The Observatory.


The art pavilion is a precursor or annexe to a new art museum to be built in Almere in the next five to ten years.

Floating art pavilion in the heart of the city


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