Art Pavilion M.

At M. you experience art that is all around you. M. stimulates your senses and plants seeds in your mind. M. challenges you, involves you and makes you part of the art. In the exhibition NaturAlly; Wild Futures five (inter)national artists take you with them into their future of nature. To discover more, to experience more and to be amazed. Because M. belongs to everyone, for everyone. M. starts as a preview, but wants to grow into an icon of Almere and Flevoland. We would like to do that together with everyone. Because you are M.


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The ultimate fusion

Art that you can get lost in, that reacts to you and that you can even touch? Yes, in M. it is all possible. Here, all kinds of art and culture activities are organised that briefly take you to another world. Experience art in a unique way, with an emphasis on large-scale multimedia art and landscape art.

Exciting design

The entire pavilion appeals to all the senses and effectively represents Flevoland's extensive collection of Land Art.

Landscape art

Studio Ossidiana was inspired by the sea that replaced the province of Flevoland and the Weerwater Lake, where the pavilion is to be located. The design consists of three circles: The Harbour, The Stage and The Observatory.

NaturAlly: Wild Futures

Our planet is changing enormously as a result of technology. Walk among trees on heels, travel to a pink underwater world in a diorama and see how machines help to build nests.

Floating art pavilion in the heart of the city


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