Bobbing Forest

The Bobbing Forest has descended on Almere from Rotterdam, especially for Floriade Expo 2022. This work by art producer Mothership is a gift to Floriade. The forest consists of 20 recycled sea buoys from the North Sea filled with 20 Dutch elms. These floating trees provide additional greening, compensation of CO2 and reduction of particulate matter.


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Greening in the city

In 2022 you can see the artwork from the cable car, the boat and from the terrace on the Weerwater. The Floating Forest not only has a greening effect in the city, the artwork also draws attention to climate adaptation, innovation, health and it raises awareness of the importance of green in children and adults.

Climate change

Come and hear the story of the value of trees in the city.

Art & Culture

Experience the Floating Forest as a valuable addition to Floriade's rich arts and culture program.

Multiple destinations

Before the Bobbing Forest found its place at Floriade, it floated for five years in the Rijnhaven in Rotterdam.

Discover the Bobbing Forest at Floriade Expo 2022


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