Dutch Innovation Experience

This pavilion shows the future of housing construction with sustainability and circularity as the key elements. This design makes it possible to build many new houses in a short time, in a sustainable way with little emission of harmful gases. You will find plenty of inspiration here for nature-inclusive living and working.

Sustainable challenges

The Netherlands is facing a number of major challenges: the shortage of energy, raw materials and housing, making agriculture more sustainable, restoring biodiversity, urbanisation and climate adaptation. This has consequences for the spatial planning of our country, our cities, our homes and our immediate living environment. The Dutch Innovation Experience shows which solutions and innovations are possible in the future to meet these challenges.


Biobased pavilion

The pavilion consists of 95% bio-based materials, most of which originate from the Netherlands.

Sustainable inspiration

Discover how to use green in your living and working environment.

A second life

After the Expo, the pavilion will be given a second life as a travelling nature pavilion and will return in various forms.

Want to discover more?

Art objects

Discover an extraordinary love story between nature and technology in the form of sustainable art.

The Exploded View Beyond Building

Meet the house of the future! Here you will discover new possibilities for sustainable building and living: a truly circular environment.


Indoor exhibition

Visit the first self-powering solar greenhouse, see the menu of the future and learn how to earn and save ECO coins in a new green economy. Next Nature takes you along.


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