Garden of Peace

How will our children live with each other and with nature in the future? In the eyes of the House of Peace, a city with a sustainable and ecologically sound future can only be built on the basis of a common and shared vision and sense.


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Living and interacting together in the future

A city with a sustainable and environmentally responsible future must be built on the basis of a common and shared vision and sense, a common denominator. Garden of Peace presents how the culture of peace is capable of playing a unifying role in building inclusive and sustainable cities.

Themed activities

Floriade themes are addressed through workshops, living labs and other interactive activities during Floriade.

Sustainable cultures

Growing Green Cities, the theme of Floriade fits the vision of Garden of Peace towards a green sustainable liveable human city, where people from diverse cultures live together.


Discover best practices in education, architecture and the economics of nature during Floriade.

The future of sustainable coexistence


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