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Be inspired by the beauty and clever applications of building with natural building materials – biobased building. At this pavilion, you will see how a large number of bio-based materials, such as wood, hemp, mycelium and cotton, can be used to form an extraordinary structure.

Roots as natural binders

Mycelium are the roots of the mushroom that make beautiful networks underground. If you mix pulverised hemp, flax or any other crop with strong natural fibres with a bit of mushroom,  you get these beautiful, sturdy, very light, fire-retardant, water-repellent, acoustic panels within a few weeks. You can use them indoors, or as insulation between your walls, but also – with the right natural coating – as exterior wall panels like at The Growing Pavilion.


The Growing Pavilion

The pavilion is made up of five cultivated raw materials: fungi, rice straw, potato, bulrush and residual flows from the agricultural sector. By showing each material as much as possible in its pure form, it has a special appearance.

The next step is biobased

The call for a more bio-based and circular economy is growing and necessary. Be inspired by the possibilities this pavilion shows you.

Living Shelter

Living Shelter gives a glimpse of what the architecture of tomorrow could be. It combines modern techniques with natural materials and explores how we can use mycelium for construction.

Go on a biobased journey and discover the possibilities of today and of the future!


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