Dyeing wool in a natural way? In the circular building of the Almeerse Wolunie visitors can discover how this process works in a kind of laboratory. The pavilion tells the story of the relationship between nature, weather and textiles. The colourful pavilion is also a joy to look at!


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Local cultivation

In the characteristic glass cylinders of the pavilion, local wool is dyed in a slow and natural way with the help of plants and the warmth of the sun. The plants needed for this grow outside the pavilion self-sufficiently. The pavilion is a spectacle of colours not to be missed.


Relax in one of the seating areas next to the circular pavilion, which are especially designed for relaxing.

Circular elements

All elements of the colourful pavilion will be reused after Floriade. Completely circular!

Fast fashion

Learn more about fast fashion and discover the importance of sustainability in the textile sector and raise awareness about it.

Be enchanted by a brilliant play of colours


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