Dyeing wool requires energy. The pavilion Shades of Nature shows that the process can also be done with energy that is already there: the sun. In glass jars with water and vegetable dyes, the wool colours during the season. The same sun projects the colours onto the inner wall, felted from the wool of City & Nature’s sheep, for a modern stained-glass effect. The colourful pavilion is also a joy to look at!


✔ Architecture       

Local cultivation

The plants used to dye the wool come from the farm’s own dyeing plantation. You will also discover a demo garden with these plants on the grounds. The palette of the glass pot wall is reflected in the plants on the other side of the pond. There too, the sun provides the richness of colour. Altogether, the pavilion is a spectacle of colours that you cannot afford to miss.

Circular elements

All elements of the colourful pavilion will be reused after Floriade. Completely circular!


Relax in one of the seating areas next to the circular pavilion, which are especially designed for relaxing.

Fast fashion

Learn more about fast fashion and discover the importance of sustainability in the textile sector and raise awareness about it.

Be enchanted by a brilliant play of colours


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