Floriade Expo 2022 offers the opportunity to introduce two million visitors to innovations in the field of sustainable cities. National and international participants will show what they have to offer to work towards greener, healthier cities. Where sustainability is the norm and the quality of life is paramount. At Floriade Expo 2022, visitors can meet innovators from all over the world.

Floriade organises numerous online and offline events

Check out the event calender
Check out the event calender

Product Competitions

Participate in Product Competitions at Floriade

The Green House at Floriade will be host of a broad presentation of the Dutch horticulture industry. Additionally, this will be home of the Product Competitions which will be organized in cooperation with Royal Flora Holland, with judging categories like ornamental plant products, including cut flowers, pot plants and bulbous plants but also fresh produce. These competitions are open to external growers and producers.

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