Product Competitions

The Green House at Floriade was host of a broad presentation of the Dutch horticulture industry. Additionally, this was home of the Product Competitions which were organized in cooperation with Royal Flora Holland, with judging categories like ornamental plant products, including cut flowers, pot plants and bulbous plants but also fresh produce. These competitions were open to external growers and producers.

How did it work?

In the period from April 14 to October 9, the Green House hosted 13 competition days, divided among 40 crop groups. Growers of flowers and plants exhibited their best products in one of the crop groups and had them judged by a specially appointed professional jury. The members of the jury came from both the production corner and from marketing and trade. There was also public judging. Growers with the three highest jury ratings within a crop group received a prize. On each day of competition, the entrant of the most outstanding entry was also presented with the Floriade Excellence Award.


The first judging took place around the time of the opening of Floriade and involved bulbflowers, spring flowers, flowering shrubs and spring-flowering plants such as potted bulbs and primroses. The final judging took place on Tuesday, September 27 and covered Chrysanthemum Disbudded, Hippeastrum and other Autumn flowers and Autumn flowering plants, such as Chrysanthemum plants. The competitions were part of the changing product presentations that head arranger Heleen Valstar of the Green House had in mind. This took into account the seasons in which products come onto the market.

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Results Product Competitions
Results Product Competitions