Floriade Dialogues

Want to accelerate green innovation? Scientists, experts and entrepreneurs can join in the interactive sessions on current issues.


How do you apply circular construction to a building? What are the best options for generating green energy locally? Which concrete steps can be taken to make our food more sustainable? What do vertical gardens provide a solution to? There are plenty of questions that require answers. We can find the those answers together.


How to make our cities more sustainable and liveable is a crucial issue. This is why Floriade Expo 2022’s theme is Growing Green Cities. During the international horticulture exhibition Floriade will show how cities can be made and kept safe, healthy and appealing. We ask everyone to co-conceptualise creative green solutions. That is why we would like to invite you to Floriade Dialogues.

Floriade Dialogues is a series of presentations and events aimed at sharing knowledge and accelerating green innovation. It will be an inspiring, international programme in which contemporary issues will be combined with practical examples. We will be doing so in cooperation with organisations including Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, Wageningen University & Research, Delft University of Technology, Aeres University of Applied Sciences Almere, VU Amsterdam University and Maastricht University. Online and live.

Are you an idealist, scientist, expert, entrepreneur?

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Previous editions of Floriade Dialogues

2021 Floriade Dialogues

Floriade Dialogue #21 | Upscaling food system innovation:

Going Green #05 Biobased, Made in NL

Flevo Campus Dialogue 2021 | Taste for Change

Floriade Dialogue #20 | Climate Proof & Smart Cities (SDG13)

Going Green #4 | The Logistic Landscape | October 2021

Floriade Dialogue #19 |Access to Fresh & Healthy Food | October 2021

Floriade Dialogues #18 | Hortifootprint & Residual Flows | October 2021

Floriade Dialogue #17 | Going Green #03 | September 2021

Floriade Dialogues #16 | Agroforestry Strategy and Biodiversity | July 2021

Floriade Dialogue #15 | Making Green Work | July 2021

Floriade Dialogue #14 | 100 Climate Neutral Cities in Europe by 2030 | June 2021

Floriade Dialogue #12 | Clean Water and Ecosystem Restoration | March 2021

Floriade Dialogue #11 | Circular Urban Metabolism: Resilient Cities | February 2021

2020 Floriade Dialogues

Floriade Dialogues #10 | Bio based building | November 2020

Floriade Dialogues #9 | Sustainable consumption | October 2020

Floriade Dialogues #8 | International Information Day | September 2020

Floriade Dialogues #7 | Food security | July 2020

Floriade Dialogues #6 | Energy efficiency | May 2020

Floriade Dialogues #5 | Healthy City | April 2020

2019 and 2018 Floriade Dialogues

Floriade Dialogues #4 | International Information Day | October 2019

Floriade Dialogues #3 | Sponge City Development | June 2019

Floriade Dialogues #2 | Urban Vertical Green | April 2019

Floriade Dialogues Summit: Green & healthy food cities for all | March 2019

Floriade Dialogue #1 | Urban Agriculture | June 2018

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