Floriade Dialogue #19 Access to Fresh & Healthy Food

Theme: Zero Hunger and Ensure healthy lives ( SDG2 and SDG3)


Floriade Dialogue Program 19th Edition.


This Floriade Dialogue took place on Friday 15 October 2021.

This Floriade Dialogue edition was all about access to healthy and affordable food. Worldwide, many citizens live in low-income urban and rural neighbourhoods without easy access to healthy food. Consistent access to healthy foods impacts both individual and community health in a positive way. We discussed multiple ways and solutions how we can ensure that residents have access to healthy and affordable food.

Food deserts

Lack of access is one of the main reasons why many children are not eating recommended levels of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. They live in communities without adequate access to healthy food retailers within a reasonable distance from their home. These low-income urban and rural communities are known as “food deserts”.

Short Food Supply Chain

How do we support the sale of local healthy foods and encourage the establishment of farmers’ markets in such a way that pricing for low incomes is attractive? Should we promote policies that support and protect community gardens or do we need more disruptive local food strategies that support systematic change in consumer behaviour and access to healthy food? The short food supply chain (SFSC) is a viable development perspective for farmers and producers and a way to get a grip on the living environment of citizens.

Co-operative systems as a solution

Co-operative systems that include very few intermediaries, increasing sustainability, transparency, social relations and fairer prices for farmers and consumers. Such supply chains usually involve producers working together to promote local food to local consumers. In addition to shortening the chain, it is also a way of working together on sustainable economic, ecological and social goals. The main characteristic of today’s food system is that there’s no direct relationship between the consumer and the producer anymore. The large number of links and the large geographical distances in the consolidated chain have a negative impact on our food culture and they limit producers in their economic opportunities.

Healthy and nutritious food systems

This Floriade Dialogue Webinar will discuss how can we stimulate locally sourced food consumption and create local supply lines with affordable and healthy food for all. We will touch on and emphasise better access to affordable and healthy food, while improving future perspective for farmers and healthy and nutritious food systems.


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