Floriade Dialogue #2

Urban vertical green


Floriade Dialogue continued the discussion over Urban Vertical Green Infrastructure in Amsterdam on Thursday, April 4th 2019. The outcome of this second edition of the Dialogues is a set of new visions and developments towards vertical greening systems; these systems function as a means of restoring the environmental integrity of urban areas through enhancing biodiversity and sustainability.


The discussions covered visions and strategies to provide ecosystem services in urban areas; with impact on the thermal performance of buildings both in summer and winter seasons to improve the urban environment. The Dialogue fully addressed the intersection of urban growth objectives, urban planning, green buildings, climate change, cooling cities with living (infra)structures, and Green Facades.


Cities account for 75% of global CO2 and will be the first victims of climate change. This dialogue taught us about ‘Urban Climate Responsive Design’ and sustainable policies to enact. Notabene: facades cover the largest areas of cities in square meters! Urban trees will ultimately make a difference from potential absorption of 0.4 tons/year of CO2, provisioning the annual oxygen (O2) need of 10 persons per year, and collection of up to 120 gallons of water per day per tree.

Smart benefits of Urban Vertical Green

This dialogue taught us about balancing physical thermal sensation, lowering the heat island effect, and urban infrastructure designs with positive impacts on environmental psychology. We learned about the way scientific improvements from urban vertical green are generally measured and about the multifunctional and smart benefits of Urban Vertical Green like: improvement of the urban energy balance, thermal comfort and wellbeing, insulation properties, provisioning and connecting ecosystem habitats (insect, birds, etc.).

Urban Vertical Forests Cases

The full report shows ‘Tree Canopy Cover objectives’ of cities like: San Fransisco, Vancouver, Philadelphia, New York City, Washington, Barcelona, Shanghai, Melbourne and Milan. We learned about the value of an urban forest and leading cases of urban vertical forests worldwide like pilots in: Nanjing, Shanghai, Guizhou, Paris, Lausanne, Eindhoven, Utrecht and Milan. Also, valuation tools where mentioned that can help us determine the impacts of urban vertical green and the assessment of natural capital and urban development into the future.


  • Download the report | report and conclusions of Floriade Dialogue #2
  • Download the presentation | Horticultural Expos in the Netherlands | Speaker Sven Stimac, Project Directeur Floriade Expo 2022
  • Download the presentation | Urban climate responsive design | Speaker Sanda Lenzholzer, Wageningen University and Research, Nederland
  • Download the presentation | Urban vertical green | Speaker Bernhard Scharf, Senior scientist, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Austria
  • Download the presentation | Ecosystem Services in urban Plans | Speaker Jacco Schuurkamp, Senior Beleidsadviseur Groen Den Haag, The Hague, The Netherlands