Floriade Dialogue: Going Green #05

Biobased, Made in NL


Thursday 2 December 2021


Biobased construction is the way to make the building industry radically sustainable. But how do we get the material, knowledge and production power we need for this? Can we seize the opportunity of the building transition to renew our landscape at the same time? Follow the conversation with our experts, during the 5th episode of the series Going Green.


As part of the Green Deal Houtbouw (Green Deal Wood Construction), the Province of Flevoland will carry out 20% of all new construction projects in wood as of 2025. A great ambition, for which gathering knowledge and closing coalitions, especially in the European context, is crucial. While it is clear why we must build bio-based, we do not yet know where all bio-based materials will come from. How much of this can the Netherlands produce itself and how much can be sustainably imported? What role can regions play in this? Are we prepared to make space for this task in the Dutch landscape? On 2 December, in the Food Forum in Almere, we will reflect on these questions from three different perspectives.


  • 15.00 Presentations
    • Daniel Venneman – Architect, founder of Woonpioniers.
    • Henk Wanningen – Senior business developer at Staatsbosbeheer.
    • Shera van den Wittenboer – Landscape historian and landscape designer. Advisor Landscape and Heritage at College of Government Advisors.
  • 15.45 – Conversation chaired by Sophie Stravens with questions from the audience
  • 16.30 – Wrap up


During the discussion, the speakers will address a number of propositions that focus on the transition to biobased construction. The public is also invited to react to these.

  • We cannot ecologically justify the urbanisation assignment without a radical transition to bio-based construction.
  • The Netherlands must produce enough bio-based materials within its borders to make the building industry sustainable by 2050.
  • Regions must play a key role in the transition to bio-based construction through the strategic deployment of their own resources, strengths and identity.

Practical information

The programme is organised by Vereniging Deltametropool in cooperation with Provincie Flevoland. The talk will last 90 minutes and will be moderated by Sophie Stravens. The discussion will be broadcast live from the Food Forum Pavilion on the Floriade terrain in Almere on Thursday 2 December from 3 pm onwards. The entire series will be documented by Sanne van den Breemer.

Going Green

This series is part of the programme that the Province of Flevoland is organising with many other parties to put the Forum on the map among companies, researchers and designers who are working intensively on food innovation and the transition to a green economy. In this way, the Food Forum will become a hotspot of knowledge exchange, both during the Floriade Expo and afterwards within the Flevocampus innovation complex.

Going Green is the contribution of the Province of Flevoland to Floriade Dialogues, an initiative of Floriade Expo 2022. This is a series of international presentations and events to share knowledge about green innovation around the theme of Growing Green Cities and thus accelerate this innovation. Curious about the entire Floriade Dialogues programme and how you can contribute? Sign up here.


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