Floriade Dialogue Summit 2019

Green & healthy food cities for all


How do we make cities greener and healthier for everyone? This question brought people from all over the world together at the Floriade Dialogues Summit on Thursday 28 March in Almere. It was an inspiring day full of international speakers and discussions about the future of our food.


Jan Hoek, deputy mayor of Almere, opened the summit by highlighting Almere as the location of Floriade Expo 2022. This is not without reason: Almere was once set up as a “green city” and has now grown into a sustainable and circular city.


More and more people are moving to cities. More or less 70% of the world’s population currently lives in urban areas. What’s the best way to feed cities and avoid food shortages? How do we ensure that we can maintain green areas in the cities? The summit provided examples of green and healthy cities from all over the world.