Floriade Dialogue #23 Urban Health

Human resilience to diseases in an urban environment


SDG themes: Good Health and Well-being (SDG3) and Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG11)

Date: Friday 25 March 2022



Webinar (Live and Online)

Presentations in English

This Floriade Dialogue edition was all about the increasing urbanisation that is taking place worldwide, and the impact of it on human health. It fits the Floriade Expo 2022 sub-theme of ‘feeding and healthying the city’. Feeding, and more specifically healthy food, was the specific topic of previous editions of the Floriade Dialogues. In this edition, we addressed the topic of building a resilient urban community by way of a proper design of the urban space and creating equity.

Download the presentations

  • Urban green space and health; practical implementation, City of Almere | Dinand Ekkel, Lecturer, Aeres University of Applied Sciences, Almere
    1.6 mb (PDF)
  • The concept of ecosystem services in relation to urban health | Roy Remme, Assistant-Professor, CML, Leiden University
    2.4 mb (PDF)
  • The GreenEquityHEALTH project, the case of Leipzig | Nadja Kabisch, Scientist, Humboldt-University Berlin
    8.8 mb (PDF)

This edition of Floriade Dialogues was organised in collaboration with Aeres University of Applied Sciences and Urban Health Campus


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