Floriade Symposium Circular Greenhouse 2022

Module Plastics, Tuesday May 17, 15:25-16:35

Plastic products in greenhouse cultivation support high production efficiency and ensure (food) quality. But how can we move to a more circular use of plastics? In this module we dive into various ways of reducing, reusing, recycling or substituting plastics. In some cases plastics can be avoided or replaced by existing materials like metal, wood or paper. Then there is an increasing number of biobased plastics. Some biobased plastic streams are non-biodegradable but potentially clean enough to be collected after use for recycling.

Another class of biobased plastics relevant for greenhouse materials can be biodegraded in professional composting plants. Finally a class of biodegradable plastics is offered which will biodegrade under field circumstances which make them suitable for many outdoor applications but also for transplants.


15:25 – Various Strategies
Else Boutkan, Greenport WH
15:35 – Various technical Possibilities
Wouter Post, Wageningen University & Research -FBR
15:50 – International
Mark van Antwerpen, Royal Brinkman
16:05 – Application
Matthijs Plas, Modiform
16:20 – Discussion                            
16:35 – End                                                   
This program will be moderated by Alexander Boedijn


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