Design and construction

Exhibitions are the tailor-made translation of participant’s vision on their presence during Floriade Expo 2022 and need to be line with the theme of Floriade, ‘Growing Green Cities’, specified in Special Regulation No. 1 concerning the Theme statement.

Building instructions

Plots will be made available with a layer of soil suitable for planting. A pavilion can be part of a garden design. The design of the garden as well as the pavilion need to be in line with Floriade theme and fit into participant’s theme.

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Light weight construction

The top layer of the Expo site has a limited baring capacity. Therefore, we recommend to realise up to 1 layer of construction with lightweight material, so that there is no need for pilling. The foundation of the building can then be made by “Stelcon” plates or similar materials.

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Building permit

For all structures and buildings on the Floriade premises, a building permit is required in accordance with Dutch law. Building plans need to consent to the Building Decree and Municipality Building regulations. To guide you in the Dutch law and regulatory framework, Floriade offers assistance by acquiring your building plans in an early stage.

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