Building instructions

Plots will be made available with a layer of soil suitable for planting. A pavilion can be part of a garden design. The design of the garden as well as the pavilion need to be in line with Floriade theme and fit into participant’s theme. There are some regulations and limitations to take into account by the design and construction. These originate from the plots themselves, the arboretum, the underground and the General and Special Regulations.
Some plots have existing trees which need to be integrated in the design. The small area around your plot, the Arboretum, will be designed as a floral boundary. There will be at least one entrance on one side of this floral boundary you can use to enter and exit your plot.


The size of the pavilion is maximised to 20% of the plot. This means 80% of the plot needs to be established as a garden. A design must be designed ‘all sided’, without a ‘blind’ (recognisable backside) of the pavilion. For more information please check the Participation guide on this subject.