Light weight construction

The top layer of the Expo site has a limited baring capacity. Therefore, we recommend to realise up to 1 layer of construction with lightweight material, so that there is no need for pilling. The foundation of the building can then be made by “Stelcon” plates or similar materials. There is an exploratory advice available for your architect on request. If you intend to design a construction with other demands, please contact us so we can bring you into contact with our technical team to discuss this.


Although the world expects to have soon a solution for the current situation with the Corona virus, we are always ready to host a save, responsible and hospitable event. Since Floriade is an outdoor event, with only 20% pavilions on the plots, there is enough space available to welcome our visitors in a safe way. We do recommend participants to take a 1,5 meter society into account in the design of their exhibition.