The Expo has two international areas with plots available for Official Participants. One near the main entrance, the other one on the Green Island. Both areas have their own atmosphere. All plots are surrounded by a 4 meter Arboretum strip, planted by the Floriade.


Countries are free to choose a plot on either one of these locations. The plots are marked on the Expo map with pink colour, allocation is subject to availability. There is no user fee due. A regular plot is about 1,000 m2. Itis also possible to split a plot, resulting in plots of 250-750 m2.


A pavilion can be built as a part of the participation in completing the garden. The pavilion can be the extension of the outdoor exhibition, completing the visitors experience. This area can also be used for participants’ protocol and B2B events. For official participants it is allowed to have a small area for commercial activities, maximised to 20% of the built pavilion space. Commercial activities are limited to five relevant, regional products, and due to royalties. This is elaborated in Special Regulation No.9 concerning commercial activities.

When you want to participate you can inform our team to start the conversation. They can inform you what plots are still available. You can express your interest in a specific plot, but a reservation will only be final after singing the Participation contract. In general, the deadline for applying for outdoor exhibitions is summer 2021, otherwise the time left will be too short to get the necessary permits for construction. We use the first come, first serve principle with allocating the plots.

Facts & figures

  • There is no user fee due for the plots or indoor locations
  • Commercial activities are allowed
  • Only one participant per country is allowed, although Official Participants precede
  • Outdoor locations will be available from 1 July 2021

Frequently Asked Questions