Procedure & Planning

The procedure for approval on participation is a formal process, which is described underneath. Because participation is always tailor made, in most cases a period of informal consultation precedes.


After expressing interest in participating in Floriade Expo 2022, you will have one focal point of contact in the Floriade organisation. We will assist you in exploring the best way to participate, followed by the development of the ‘Theme Statement’. The Floriade team will review the submitted Theme Statement which needs to comply with the theme and sub themes of Floriade. After approval and appointing a Commissioner General of Section, the Participation Contract can be signed. More information can be read in the document Procedure and Planning. The complete procedure and conditions are described in the General Regulations and the Special Regulations.

In brief, the application procedure is:

  • Accepting the official invitation to participate
  • Provisional choice of location
  • Application and ‘Theme Statement’
  • Review Application of ‘Theme Statement’ by Floriade Review Committee
  • Appointing a Commissioner General of Section
  • Signing Participation Contract


The General Regulations for participants in Floriade Expo 2022, explain the rules to participate. These Regulations were approved by the BIE on the 15th of November 2017. The Special Regulations, are the elaboration of the General Regulation.  The list of Special Regulations is expected to be complete after the approval by the BIE late 2020. The documents can be dowloaded here.

After approval of the Theme Statement the Participation contract can be signed. Participants are obliged to comply to the rules and regulations in the General- and Special Regulations as well as the Dutch laws and regulations; in particular this regulating the application for visa and work permits.  Official participants benefit from the support and coordination in this by the Floriade Organiser, and will enjoy the exemption of  certain tax and custom duties. The Special Regulations for visa, work permits and customs are further elaborated on in Special Regulation No. 7 and 12.


The allocation of plots for outdoor exhibitions, has already started in 2019. Plots can be chosen upon the principle of ‘first come, first serve’. Yet, preliminary reservations to be assessed by the organiser cannot reserve the right to a specific plot. Moreover, Official Participants (countries’ official representatives) always precede other participants from the same country.

The application for Indoor exhibitions is open, although their allocation will start at the end of 2020. Participants can express their interest by returning a completely filled application form, to be downloaded here. Participants interested in the option of the World Village can express their interest, but the allocation can only start after finalising the concept. This is expected for the end of 2020.


The deadline for confirmation to participate is mid 2021 for outdoor exhibitions and end of 2021 for indoor exhibitions. There is, however, a limited number of plots and indoor lots available.

  • Deadline confirmation outdoor July 2021
  • Deadline confirmation indoor February 2022
  • Plots handed over from 1 July 2021
  • Indoor lots available 1 January 2022
  • Construction work until 15 March 2022
  • Heavy vehicles until 7 April 2022
  • Official opening 13 April 2022
  • Open for public 14 April 2022
  • Closure 9 October 2022
  • Exhibitions dismantled 22 December 2022


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