Why Participate

Participating in the Floriade Expo is to the benefit of the participant, the visitor, and the Expo itself.


Floriade Expo 2022 is the only recurring (horticultural) Expo in Europe, taking place once every ten years. For 6 months, from 14th April – 9th October 2022, Floriade is a world stage expecting over 2 million visitors of whom 15% business.

Floriade a unique event

  • Once every 10-years
  • 6-month stage for showcasing your country
  • 2 million visitors
    • 85% consumers – 15% professionals
    • Country & local food promotion
    • Culture and Art
  • Visibility in the horticultural sector
    • Showing and sharing innovations
    • Knowledge Exchange
  • Developing new partnerships
    • B2B, trade and business events
    • Matchmaking on demand


Based on the size and value of the exhibition, participants will receive a number of free accreditation tickets for their staff and special guests. The Commissioner Generals of Official Participants will also be invited to attend the Expo’s opening and closing ceremony.


Floriade Expo 2022 is not only an exciting event for its visitors, it is also an excellent opportunity for countries and companies to organise or visit B2B events on the expo site. A number of events will be organised on the theme and sub-themes of Floriade.

As an extra service to participants, Floriade offers the option of ‘Matchmaking on demand’. The team and its network in the Netherlands, the Horticultural sector, as well as several related branches, can help you explore new business opportunities for you.

Cultural & Art Programme

An important part of each exhibition is the cultural programming. Recurring shows with artist, showing the variety of music and art of the country of origin, will be a colourful and rich addition to the already appealing exhibitions. Participants are invited to develop a diverse programming in cooperation with the Floriade team after signing the Participation Contract.

National and Special Days

A special part of the cultural programme is the option to organise a National or a Special Day. Official Participants are invited to organise a National Day in order to promote their country and welcome their VIPs and special guests. National Days will be hosted with protocol by the organisation of Floriade. Non-Official participants have the option to organise a Special Day.

There can only be one National or Special day at the same time. Reservation for a date is possible after signing the Participation Contract. The first come, first serve principle applies. When countries want to organise a National week, the first (opening) day will be marked as the date for the Special Day.