Heat protocol

Will you be visiting Floriade this summer on a (tropical) hot day? Read here which precautions we take as an organisation and what you can do yourself to enjoy a wonderful day full of greenery at Floriade.

Make sure to drink and eat sufficiently

There are several water taps at the Floriade park where you can tap water free of charge. Fill your water bottle here or at the restrooms and make sure you get enough water on a hot day. Don’t have a bottle with you? On extremely hot days, we hand out cups that you can fill with water yourself.

Of course, drinks are also available at the various Floriade food venues. Even if you are not thirsty, it is important to keep drinking. It is also important to take in enough salt if you sweat a lot on hot days. One way to do this is with a cup of soup at one of the restaurants in the park.

Seek out the shade

Seek out the shade of the trees in the Primeval Forest, for example, or visit one of the indoor pavilions. This way you will make sure that the heat will not affect you too much. It is also advisable to wear a headgear on hot, sunny days to avoid heatstroke.

Apply sunscreen

On hot sunny days, it’s even more important to wear sunscreen so that you don’t get sunburned. At the Floriade Park, you can buy sun block at various locations so that you are well protected throughout the day.

Take it easy

Be sure to take the time to rest during your visit to Floriade on a hot day and keep an eye on yourself and your fellow visitors. Have you been overcome by heat? If so, head for the first aid post in the Flores tower and let the staff help you.


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