Here you will find all press-related information about the international horticultural exhibition Floriade Expo 2022.


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Qatar’s pavilion at Floriade Expo enters Guinness record

The pavilion of Qatar participating in the “Floriade Expo 2022”…

Vibrant Verge brings colour to cities and Floriade

How do you keep cities attractive and livable? By choosing sustainable…

First 'Smart Circular Bridge' ready

With the inauguration of the first ‘Smart Circular Bridge’,…

King Willem-Alexander opened Floriade

On the 13th of April king Willem-Alexander opened the World Horticultural…

High-tech bridge built with flax

Innovations for climate protection An old material is being rediscovered:…

Product competitions at Floriade Expo 2022 Amsterdam - Almere

Will your flower or plant win an award on an international stage?…

Irene Schouten onthult Floriade-coincard

Irene Schouten reveals coin card with Dutch euro coins in honour of Floriade Expo 2022

Olympic champion ice skating Irene Schouten today revealed the…

Satoyama Farm Garden Japan

Floriade Expo 2022 opens with 33 international participants

In the theme of Growing Green Cities, national and international…

Belgische tuin

The Belgian Garden at the Floriade Expo 2022

Belgium, its Regions and Communities have chosen a triangular…

Florentijn Hofman Beehold

Imposing artwork Beehold by Florentijn Hofman to enrich both Floriade and Almere

Floriade Expo 2022’s art and culture programme focuses on the…

Finalists Horticultural Business Award at Floriade announced

The horticulture sector is showing real innovation and excellent…

Ulrike Quade Company robot show lends emotion to innovations at Floriade

Floriade Expo 2022’s art and culture programme will delve into…

Floriade preparations are well underway

On 14 April 2022, the International Horticultural Exhibition…


Presenting International Horticulture Exhibition Floriade Expo 2022 to China

The Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in Beijing hosted…

100 days until Floriade Expo 2022 in Amsterdam - Almere

On 4 January, it was exactly 100 days until the opening of Floriade…

Qatar signs official participation with “Desert Nest”

In the presence of the Qatari Ambassador in the Netherlands Mr.…

Heleen Valstar arranger for the 'Experiential Greenhouse'

Heleen Valstar has been chosen as chief arranger for the ‘Experiential…

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All press representatives should register with the communications department two days in advance. You are also welcome to organise professional film shoots and photoshoots. For press accreditation, please email the information required below to:

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