Get inspired

Visit Floriade Expo 2022 with your fellow students


Take a trip to Floriade with your classmates and get inspired by the latest trends and innovations to make cities more sustainable, healthier and greener. You will be amazed at this Expo that only takes place once every decade. Explore the theme ‘Growing Green Cities’ and taste, smell and discover everything at the Floriade park. You don’t want to miss this!

Growing Green Cities

What does your ideal city of the future look like? With a lot of greenery? Perhaps as sustainable as possible? The expectation is that 68% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050. Therefore it’s important to start thinking right now about a sustainable future. At the Expo you’ll see the latest creations and concepts from the world’s best innovators in the field of sustainability. Learn more about green solutions for greenery, food, health and energy.

What will you experience at Floriade?
  • Unique day out: at Floriade you’ll have an unforgettable school trip which you can only experience once a decade.
  • Immerse yourself in green: walk through a living library of extraordinary plants, flowers and trees.
  • From the greenhouse to your plate: discover the journey food makes from The Green House to your plate.
  • Heading up high: watch the Floriade park from up high during a ride in the cable car – thé green mode of transport in cities of the future.
  • From Japan to Qatar: take a world tour along the country pavilions.
  • Discover new trends and innovations: with the theme ‘Growing Green Cities’.


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