Youth groups

All together to Floriade Expo 2022!


Are you ready to go on an adventure with your scouting group or youth association? If so, you really shouldn’t miss Floriade Expo 2022! Glide through the air in the cable car, discover the latest sustainable gadgets, participate in the Floriade Kids Expedition and experience much more during an unforgettable day at Floriade.


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Discovering together

Visit Floriade Expo 2022 as a group and enjoy the greenery together. Taste, feel, smell and discover all that horticulture has to offer and discover good ideas from all over the world about a green and healthy city.

A spectacular ride on the cable car, a journey around the world along all the countries in the expo, exploring The Green House, you will experience it all at Floriade. This unique Expo only takes place once every 10 years, so don’t miss it!

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Youth group from 15 persons

Prices children

  • Child 4 to 12 years 1 accompanying adult per 10 children free of charge
  • Child from 13 years 1 accompanying adult per 20 children free of charge

Prices supervisors

  • Extra supervisor Child 4 to 12 years supervisor
  • Extra supervisor Child from 13 years supervisor

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