Discover our host city Almere and host province Flevoland

This special edition of the international horticultural exhibition Floriade will take place in a city of pioneers and a  man-made province at what used to be the bottom the former Zuiderzee. Almere is a new city,  the youngest city of the Netherlands. In 40 years the city has developed into one of the top ten cities in the Netherlands. Flevoland is a unique area with a special history, beautiful new nature, inspiring architecture and wide waters behind the dikes.

Discover our host city, Almere

Almere is a new city, built on the bottom of the former Zuiderzee

In a period of 40 years the city has developed into one of the top ten cities in the Netherlands, with more than 211,000 inhabitants. This development is unique in the recent history of the country. Almere provides a good example for other cities in the world when it comes to creating a new, natural environment, and how its people are involved in shaping their own city. Almere is centrally located in the Netherlands, in green surroundings, with lots of water and close to major cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht.

Almere is the youngest city in the Netherlands. This is clearly visible in its modern architecture. It is not for nothing that the French newspaper ‘Le Figaro’ recently called the centre ‘an open-air architecture museum’. Today Almere features in the top ten Dutch cities of architectural interest. The city also has a coastline of 42 kilometres, more than 400 kilometres of dedicated cycle paths, a number of city beaches, recreational lakes, forests and, of course, the lakes of the Oostvaardersplassen. This unusual nature reserve is man-made, but has become home to horses, deer, foxes and rare bird species – including even the large, white-tailed sea eagle.

For all tourist information please contact Visit Almere:

Visit Almere
De Diagonaal 199
1315 XM Almere
Tel. +31 (0)36-5485041

Flevoland, obviously different

Flevoland, made by and for people

Flevoland has a lot to offer visitors. Let them discover how special this province is, which was raised from the sea by human hands a century ago. Thickly four metres below sea level and protected by dikes now lie endless landscapes, hundreds of kilometres of cycle paths, long beaches and wilderness areas.

Visitors can stroll through Europe’s largest continuous deciduous forest, dive into one of the many lakes and wander through the New Land National Park. Perhaps they will spot the wild horses, deer, foxes or a large white-tailed eagle. Let them board the VOC ship the Seven Provinces or treasure hunts on the former island of Schokland at the Batavia shipyard.

Flevoland, on the former Zuiderzee seabed, is like nothing else that exists; anywhere! Flevoland is obviously different. Something you will immediately recognise when you drive into the province. The crisp clear lines, the space, that modern twist; you can only be in Flevoland.

For all tourist information please contact Visit Flevoland:

Visit Flevoland
Het Ravelijn 50
8233 BR Lelystad
Tel: +31(0) 320-286755