Offical invitation letter sent

In July 2018, the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality sent an official invitation to 175 countries to participate in the Floriade, with the request to submit a country entry that expresses a vision, knowledge, solutions and innovations on (one of) the Floriade themes.

The process to get answers from the invited countries on the official invitation letter has started. The Floriade team is ready to follow up and to make the next steps in the process to get the international communities involved.

The Expo 2022 Floriade Almere is a leading A1 international horticultural exhibition recognised by the Bureau International des Expositions. The central theme of this 7th edition of the Floriade is ‘Growing Green Cities’, as part of this, we have developed four sub-themes:

  • Green – parks and green structures that make cities more attractive.
  • Food – food production, food safety and food security solutions.
  • Health – the effect of green structures on a healthy living environment, as well as on the physical and mental vitality of city inhabitants.
  • Energy – sustainable energy solutions, as well as the effects of green spaces on the vitality of a city.